What is ADHD and How Does it Affect Adults?

An early diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be made in childhood. Many people grow up without ever being diagnosed with ADHD. Others learn to cope and adapt to symptoms of ADHD as early as childhood.

Examining an adult’s symptom duration is an easy first step toward determining whether or not they have ADHD. Do you have trouble focusing and controlling your attention? Organization skills or deadlines are difficult for you? Do you have these problems since you were a child?

Common Signs of ADHD

ADHD will fall into three main categories:

Predominately Inattentive Type, Predominately Hyperactive-Impulsive Type, and Combined Type (which includes symptoms of the first two types).

An issue with executive functioning or motor drive leads to the symptoms of ADHD. Psychologists use the term executive functioning to describe the brain’s ability to organize thoughts, plan ahead, and integrate perceptual information. Inattention and poor organization skills often indicate executive functioning problems.

As a term for the level of motivation or agitation of the body, which can be exhibited as squirminess or over-excitement behaviors in children with hyperactivity, motor drive describes the body’s level of activity.

Oftentimes, adults with ADHD have difficulty keeping track of their bills or completing necessary tasks at work.

ADHD In Adults

ADHD in adults can be difficult to diagnose. ADHD and other mental health issues have many symptoms in common.

It is therefore crucial that individuals who suspect they have ADHD seek the help of a qualified psychologist or other mental health professional trained to conduct ADHD assessments. In addition to properly diagnosing ADHD in adults, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists can rule out other mental health issues as well. We are determined to help you find the answers you need. Even if you are not diagnosed with ADHD, we can help you with your attention and organization problems. For more information about our services, please contact Enhance Health Group for ADHD treatment in Orange County today.

ADHD Treatment For Young Adults

An accurate diagnosis is the first step to overcoming ADHD or any other mental health problem. In adults, treatment for ADHD may differ from therapy for anxiety or depression once a diagnosis is confirmed. Psychotherapy can be helpful in resolving some of the issues associated with having ADHD, but most experts recommend combining counseling with medication. The best choice of medication for our clients is determined by working closely with their prescribing doctors.

ADHD Treatment in Orange County

Assessments and treatments are confidential and scheduled around your availability. Our admissions team will speak with you and create a treatment track that is specifically designed based on your needs. Assessments that assess executive functioning, cognitive ability, and academic performance are typically used to determine ADHD symptoms. During intake, we may schedule testing and assessments needed, and we will provide you with a feedback session in which we discuss and recommend the results. Contact us, here at Eden by Enhance Health Group today to find out all about our inpatient treatment in Orange County, CA.


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