Medication Management

Mental health disorders can be helped with medication management in certain circumstances. Based on diagnosis and individual needs, a customized treatment plan is developed. Psychiatrists and clinicians collaborate with the patient to decide whether medication needs to be part of the treatment plan. 

Eden By Enhance is an inpatient mental health treatment center in Orange County that strives to provide compassionate yet comprehensive medication management. During any person’s stay, it is essential that staff manage medication to ensure the correct dosages are taken so the medication can work as intended. Taking too much can result in dire consequences and make mental health struggles worse. Alternatively, the right amount and type can aid in the healing process.

What Is

Medication Management?

Medication management is a strategy many healthcare providers and treatment clinics apply. It allows doctors or other staff members to take inventory of all prescription medications a patient must take. Then, they begin administering medications to the patient rather than allowing the person to take it themselves.

This helps ensure patients struggling with mental health or have certain disorders get the medicine they need to treat their symptoms. It is easy to forget or even feel like skipping a dose, thinking it isn’t necessary at that time. Having someone else administer it ensures it gets into the system and works as needed. 

Many medications also require a change in dose over time. Suppose the amount of the medicine, or the type is causing worsening symptoms or other problems for the patient regarding medication safety. In that case, a doctor needs to be aware so that they can assess the situation. 

A new medicine or multiple medications may be required to achieve desired results for their health conditions. This would then require further examination from medication management services to determine if the new option is the most worthwhile. Some people require a few changes before settling on the right choice for patient safety. 

Do I Need

Medication Management?

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The type of medication management process Orange County residents require depends on the circumstances. A person may require medication management or a similar strategy if they have the following:

  • Struggled to remember medication in the past
  • Abused their medication and took too many at once
  • Stopped taking medication because it “didn’t work”
  • Have never taken medication before

Someone who has never taken any medication for their mental health before needs careful examination for their treatment plan. It’s impossible to tell how someone’s body or mind will react to a new medicine, even if it is widely prescribed to others with the same ailment. A clinician watching over the person as they take their new pills and closely monitoring their reactions and symptoms as the day progresses can help ensure the individual has the proper plan. If it isn’t right for them, a new regimen needs to be set.

It’s also advisable for a person to allow a qualified professional to manage their medication if they have to take multiple. It can be challenging to determine which symptoms are stemming from which pill. Patients and caregivers can work together to decide which course of treatment and medication works for them. 

It can also be hard to tell when to take each one to ensure they each work as effectively as possible. Certain foods can even interfere with a medication’s effectiveness. Having someone else determine when and how to take each can be incredibly helpful.

How Does

Medication Management Work?

When a person is living in a residential mental health treatment facility, treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs. A range of therapy options are used, such as individual therapy, group therapy, or cognitive-behavioral therapy, to name a few. It is paired with the proper medication management for those who require it.

Upon an initial evaluation, the clinician will determine the following:

  • What type of mental health struggle or disorder the individual has
  • What medications they are currently taking
  • Which ones may be unnecessary
  • Any potential adverse drug effects or drug interactions

They will put together a complete list of all medications, their doses, and the frequency at which they need to be taken. Then, they will disperse the medication at the appropriate time of day and watch the patient to check what symptoms, if any, they experience. 

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Medication Therapy Management Services like this are employed in various settings. Often, they include five total steps:

  • A review with the patient about the need for medication management
  • A workup of all medications, supplements, and herbal treatments the person is taking and their dosages
  • A plan detailing which pills, supplements, and other treatment types need to be administered and when
  • Intervention and therapy to work in conjunction with the medication management
  • Documentation of how things went and follow-up to ensure the individual is continuing this strategy when they are through with treatment

The process can often take a while before the individual is ready to leave treatment and attempt life independently in the outside world. It can take weeks or longer before a particular medication starts to work. Combined with therapy, however, this strategy is meant to find the appropriate combination for each person and ensure they have the tools necessary to thrive.

Which Medications Can Be Included in a

Medication Management Strategy?

Any medications that a person takes can be included in a medication management strategy. Whether it is a doctor-prescribed medication or something over the counter that the person regularly takes, such as a daily vitamin, the clinician will account for all of it in their report. 

It is important to note any pills, vitamins, and other treatment types used, such as inhalers, to ensure the proper management system is adhered to. Some things do not mix well with others and may need to be given at later times than usual for everything to work as intended individually and together. 

Many people in a mental health residential facility take medication for either:

Any of these can be included in the health care management plan.

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Medication Management for Mental Health Disorders

Eden By Enhance in Orange County, California, offers inpatient treatment and medication management to help those struggling with mental health disorders. With proper medication management, a therapy plan, and family involvement, the staff at Eden can help the people who enter the doors overcome their mental health struggles and find the best solutions for them.

If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health disorders, reach out to Eden by Enhance today. We work with patients to ensure that their medication plan works for them. Our team of mental health professionals is here to support all patients as they improve their quality of life.