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Mental Health


Inpatient mental health facilities were established to meet the high demand of people needing treatment for mental illness. The goal or purpose of mental health treatment is to help people restore their wellness and stabilize their condition and symptoms. 

Once stable, each person will work with medical professionals and mental health specialists after receiving a comprehensive treatment plan tailored specifically towards their recovery needs and goals, so they can live the healthy lifestyle that they deserve. 

We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

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Family Involvement

Involving family allows the practitioner to see the issues from a number of perspectives and to gain more complete information. Family members can participate in therapy, stay in contact, and help patients comply with treatment recommendations. With strong family support in mental health recovery, the loved one is set up for success.

Medication Management

When entering Eden, our Mental Health specialists will provide a thorough evaluation to determine which clients may benefit from Medically Assisted Treatment in combination with other treatment protocols. If this type of therapy is right for you, clinicians will explain the medications they wish to prescribe you, how they work, and what you can expect while taking them.

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Individual and Group Therapy

Individual and Group Psychotherapy can greatly impact a person’s overall health as well as their mental health. There are many reasons why people go to therapy, which include stressful situations, a traumatic experience, and grief of losing someone. Clients can show improvement after just a few sessions.